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C-pox™ Bonding Systems - Recommended for new customers.

All of the C-pox™ Components (listed below) conveniently packaged in one complete System.



    Engineering Grade Adhesive.



    Instantly cures all C-pox™ Bonders 


    Plastic Primer

    Prepares UHMW & Poly Plastic materials for Bonding 



    Dissolves cured Bonder from hands or work area in case of accidental Bonding



    Micro-needle Applicators, Extra Caps & Nozzles, Spreader/Scrapers, Brush Caps, Spray Pumps


The C-pox™ Bonding System has been engineered using state of the art technology to achieve structural bonds with superior results on difficult to bond substrates, with a combination of convenience, ease of use, dependability, and strength.  This System will bond more materials far better than any other one or two-part system.

The C-pox™ name was derived from the cutting-edge performance of the system.

It has the  speed and efficiency of cyanoacrylate (super/instant glue) with the strength and durability of two part epoxies.

The C-pox Bonding System is compatible with bonding all materials except low-grade recycled plastics (i.e., milk jug) and delicate foams like Styro-foam.  The compatible materials include metals, cast, white and pot metal, wood, particle board, paper, chipboard, cork, carton, masonry products, marble, ceramics, bisque, porcelain, glass, rubber, vinyl, PVC, ABS, polyolefin’s, butyrate’s, styrene’s, laminates, lexan, linoleum, acrylics, polycarbonates, fiberglass, Kevlar, composites, synthetic leather, leather, and textiles. Materials can be bonded to themselves or each other.  C-pox™ Bonder can also be mixed with particulates (sawdust, baking soda, etc.) to form a paste.



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