The Regular Cypox Bonding System has been engineered using state of the art technology to achieve structural bonds with superior results on difficult to bond substrates.  With a combination of convenience, ease of use, dependability, and strength.  This System will bond more materials far better than any other one or two-part system.

  • Ready to use, no mixing
  • Saves time and money
  • Replaces glues, epoxies, cements, hand tools, and mechanical fastening devices

Regular Cypox Bonding System

  • Regular Cypox Bonding System includes the following:

    • Bonder 101 - 1oz.
    • Activator 202
    • Plastic Primer 302
    • Debonder 401
    • Extra Cap & Nozzle Assembly for Bonder 101
    • 2 reusable Micro-Needle Applicators for Bonder 101