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"This was a small disaster, as he didn't have a backup"

I was having some work done in my back yard and the worker's string broke when he was snapping a chalk line on a long pull. This was a small disaster, as he didn't have a backup and needed this tool for the big job he was doing. Using a knot would cause problems with what we were doing.

For some reason I remembered Cypox even though it seemed like a silly idea at the time. But, we needed the line fixed and it was the only thing I could think of. The worker laughed, but humored me to give it a try. He was shocked at how quick it set up and shocked more at how strong it was when pulled.

He finished the job, but then he felt compelled to test this glue even more. He said he was getting a new one anyway, so he pulled to try to break the bond. He pulled so hard that he almost hurt his hand and it broke. As we examined the string, we were surprised to see that the string had broke well away from the glued area. The very small over lapping glued section of string was still just as we had positioned it!

Chuck T. - Atlanta, GA

Lawn and Garden Professional

Garden tractor plastic hoods cost hundreds of dollars to replace and with age and hard use they break.  I use your product and I have helped another Lawn and Garden Dealer to repair plastic arm rests and hoods.  I repair old radios and appliances that are beyond replacement parts age.  The last two orders I have ordered from you direct...  Thank You for the service on the web and ease of use...

Robert H. - Davis, IL

"It's so tenacious"-Bonds Polyethylene!

I'm in the process of building a model master to use in making a mold. Part of the model is made from plastic doll parts--that slippery type of LMW polyethylene that's used frequently. I was starting to despair of being able to cement the parts together until I remembered that I had purchased Cypox some time ago for a different project that didn't materialize. To say that I was amazed or astounded by the results is too weak--I positively was startled. I didn't expect the results I've been getting. I certainly never expected the bond to be stronger to the plastic than to the other materials, such as epoxy putty! If I have to pull apart a bond to correct positioning or placement, the adhesive remains stuck to the plastic and pulls loose from the other side (I do this before the Cypox has a chance to completely set-up). The only real problem I've had is getting the Cypox off of the polyethylene--it's so tenacious that I have to cut it free with a knife. Believe me, that's a problem I don't mind having to deal with. I've been recommending Cypox to everyone I know who needs a *real* super glue.

Paul S. - Charlotte, NC

Great Product

I continue to be amazed and impressed by the bonding of the Cypox bonding product.  I have bonded plastic levers and plastic coffee mugs.  I have used it to added metal lugs to wrenches rather having them welded.  I have used it to repair broken crystal candle stick holders.  This stuff is pricey but well worth the value received.

Jerry H. - Peoria, IL

Your Fabulous Product and Unparalleled Customer Service!

Dear Gowest2 International,

    I have to tell you that in my 20 years in business I have NEVER met someone so customer oriented as you. Your product is fantastic and it is obvious that you know how to take care of your customers!! Thanks ever so much and if anyone wants a testimonial tell them to email me it would be my pleasure.  Truly, if all business owners treated their customers the way you do, then all businesses would be profitable beyond their wildest dreams. 

Warmly Marcie C. - Winter Park, FL

Model Railroad Enthusiast


The Cypox Bonding System has been a great help in building my Pennsylvania Railroad HO train layout. I recently built a large trussel bridge using stained balsa wood with the Cypox Bonding System.

    I could glue the stained wood together working as fast as I wanted because of the instant bonding and curing process which lets no glue marks or light spots on the stained wood. The structure is solid and very strong. I will keep using the Cypox Bonding System for many more projects. My family members are constantly bringing me resin and plastic collectibles plus pieces of jewelry to be repaired.

Extremely Satisfied Customer,

Robert B. - York, PA

Vintage Repair

    Doubt seriously if you'll remember me buying the Cypox Bonding System from you at the Marion train show a short time ago. I've used it with excellent results dealing with plastics. Today it got the acid test!! I have a vintage Akai reel to reel tape recorder. The main drive belt got to slipping so badly it sounded like the tapes were running at 1 7/8 rather than 3 3/4. Naturally I tried to buy a replacement belt, with negative results. Hard to find parts for goodies made over 40 years ago! So I cut our about 1/4 inch of the belt & used the Cypox to bond it back together. At the present time I'm enjoying a tape I recorded from WGAN Portland Maine circa 1967!!!

One very satisfied customer

Ron K. - Fredericktown, OH

Lot Cheaper Than Paying A Tow Truck!


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your Cypox product definitely helped get us home.

    The hole in the lower radiator hose came from the fan belt rubbing on it. The hose was split and we were losing our antifreeze. We put some Cypox on the hose where the split was, wrapped some tape on it and put a hose clamp on to keep the fan belt from wearing a bigger hole in the hose. We got home safely and never lost another drop of fluid.

The $40 investment was a lot cheaper than paying a tow truck!

Your product does work. We can't wait to find more things at home to use this on!


Butch and Cindy R. - Findlay, Ohio

Wildfowl Carver & Handywoman Extraordinaire!

Part 1:

    I've used Cypox to glue a cork sleeve back on a burning pen handle.  I've used it to glue a broken toe of a foot casting.  I use it a lot in putting together habitat for a bird composition.  If you have a branch that you would like to use as a mount, but a branch or two is/are going in the wrong direction, you cut them off and reposition using the Cypox.   I know that I've used the plastic primer part of the kit several times for plastic repair of several things around the house--I just can't think what it was!!  The biggest benefit of Cypox, I think, is its strength.  When I'm gluing with Cypox, I have a lot of confidence that the parts are going to stay together.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know.

Part 2:

    While I have your attention for a second, I want to tell you about two recent uses of Cypox that you might be interested in using.  In fact, it is a little funny--you'll see, just a second.  A couple of days after your first email, I thought of you when I needed to repair the plastic compact that my blush comes in.  Now, I don't know how up to date on makeup you are, but blush is rouge that we girls put on our cheeks to give us that all-American girl look!  Well, the plastic compact broke, and I used Cypox (after the plastic primer stuff!) to glue it back together, so my blush would not spill.  And then I thought of you yesterday, when I needed to repair a plastic electrical box, so I would not have to go to the store to buy a new one (it wasn't the money, it was the time it would waste driving to Home Depot and back!).  I was installing a plywood floor in the attic above my garage to use for storage for driftwood, carving wood, etc.  I needed to reroute an electrical wire through the ceiling joist and not on top of them.  I needed to change the location of the box in order to gain a little more wire.  While removing the box, I broke one of the plastic brackets that held one of the nails.  I got out the plastic primer stuff that came in the kit I got from you last year in Ocean City, primed the plastic, waited from 90 seconds, and then applied the glue and activator spray.  Voila!!!  It held and I was back in business quick with no trip to Home Depot!!  Now the strange part of this story is that a person who wears blush may also be a person who installs floors and can do a little electric!!  It is a WHACKY world!! 


Roz D. - Newark, DE

The Possibilities Are Endless As To What This Glue Will Fix!

Dear Friends,

    I saw your demo at a couple of train shows and thought it was too much money to invest in occasional use glue.  I came to one of the train meets with a part that was broken in half, and no one had that part in stock.  It just so happened I walked past your stand, handed you the part, and you glued it together.  Neither one of us could break it apart.  So I left the show with my first Cypox System.

    When I got home I tried the part.  It failed, time after time.  I set the kit aside on my work bench, with all intentions of never using it again.  Then things started breaking!

    I truly needed wonder glue that would fix anything.  My main need was for train repairs.  That was just the tip of the iceberg.  I have made repairs to all different types of plastic to plastic, brass to cast iron, brass on brass.

    I had a Weller® Soldering Iron fall to the floor and the case shattered to pieces.  I picked the puzzle of pieces up, glued them back together with Cypox.  It stayed together with daily use and the case held up until the glue would not work any longer.

    I have repaired broken plastic O-gauge engine cases, car bodies, wheel trucks, frames.  It’s good for locking wheels fast to axels.  The product is great for installing clean glass windows in cabs, cabooses, and coaches, because it sets up clear.  Some items have to have more applications for additional strength, plus I let these items set off to the side for and hour to cure.

    My most recent repair was a pair of Oster® Hair Clippers that fell to the floor and the case split in half.  No main frame parts were available, so the customer was out $175.00 to replace.  I took all the parts and pieces home, cleaned them thoroughly, and glued everything back together with Cypox.  They are still holding and those clippers are used on every customer, and working fine.

    Now my Cypox System sits right in front of me on my bench.  The possibilities are endless as to what this glue will fix!

Thanks Cypox!

Mike B. – New Oxford, PA

Saved An Angel!

Your Cypox Bonding System was a life-saver for me last Christmas when I was helping my wife set up her cherished (and expensive) Nativity Scene. I accidentally dropped one of the angels, which are made of a ceramic/ porcelain material, and the wings snapped off. I used your product and had them firmly reattached in a matter of minutes!! The angel was as good as new and I saved big bucks (and time) trying to replace that piece. Thanks Cypox!!

Rick M. - Findlay, OH

Model Railroader Bonds "Slippery Plastics"!

I can't begin to tell you how Cypox has helped overcome so many hurdles in the world of model railroading. It holds rails in place where nothing else works. I have been installing detail parts to freight cars that had been set aside for later repairs. Cypox is so easy to use and so strong it is simply amazing. Heretofore, trying to bond anything with "slippery" plastic was next to impossible. With Cypox it works. I have two old locomotives that had gear retainers not doing what they were designed to do and C-pox™ came to the rescue. It also gives you time to get things in alignment (before spraying the activator) which is not always possible with ACC (Crazy Glue).

Jack C. - Naperville, IL

"I Could Use The Machine Right Away!"

I like your product Cypox.  I used it at work to glue rubber inserts to steel and I could use the machine right away.  Before, with other glues we had to wait 24 hours before use and then they didn't all hold.  It is a very good product.

Jacob Y. - Baltic, OH

"This One Is For Real!"

GARDEN RAILROADS. If you have a Garden Railway, you need Cypox. Even if you don't have a Garden Railroad, you still need Cypox, especially if you live in a house, townhouse, condo or an apartment. If you don't live in any of the foregoing, you probably don't need the product. I first bought the product in April 2003 at the Model RR Train Show (York Fairgrounds, York, PA). The stuff is fantastic for fixing anything that's broken and needs to be “glued”. Great for plastics, glass, ceramics and the like. Easy to use and, best of all, it works better than any other product I have ever used. Forget the other “super glue” type products. This one is for real.

Arthur B. -  Bethesda, MD

"I can't find a thing that it can't repair!"

I was visiting the Greenberg train show on August 9, 2003 and I was very happy to see you there. I had bought a Cypox System from your company previously at the same show and found myself very dependent on the power of repair that this Cypox can do. I can’t find a thing that it can’t repair. I have reordered it by phone to your Ohio office and when I saw you at the show it reminded me to get another bottle as I was running low. I have used many products like yours such as Crazy Glue but NONE of them can do what your cement does. You have solved many problems I have had with repairs on metal and porcelain. I am a model railroad enthusiast and have repaired several brass locomotives where getting to a soldering joint was impossible with a soldering gun or iron. Thanks for your product.

Arnold H. - Parasmus, NJ

"After five years of searching..."

I bought your bonding system at the GATS Show held in Rochester, NY.

After five years of searching for the perfect gluing system, I do believe I found it.

I've tried several types of glues and bonding agents to repair my wife's crystal glassware and ornaments. Up to now I've had no success.

I tried your bonding components and could not believe the amazing results !!!! I got bold and tried to repair her sunglasses (the nose piece had broken off). Voila, another successful repair.....................

I am sold !!!! I'm glad I bought your system. 
Thanks for being there to enable to remedy my numerous long-enduring repair jobs.

John B. - Rochester, NY

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