Welcome to the Next Generation in Bonding Technology

How would you like to have the speed and efficiency of Cyanoacrylate (Super/Instant Glue) with the strength and durability of Epoxy?

Without the headaches of:  

  • Limited shelf life

  • Clogged nozzles

  • Mixing equal parts

  • Long curing time

  • Sticky fingers

  • Not being able to repair engineering plastic materials such as Teflon, Delrin, ABS, Polys, etc. 

and on and on...you know the story

The Cypox Bonding System guarantees to free you from these headaches, and strives to help you achieve the results needed for your application.  

(If you are a current CoolChem® customer and are looking for refills, we can assure you that all of our products are compatible with the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System and are guaranteed to provide the same results.)