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Welcome to the Next Generation in Bonding Technology

How would you like to have the speed and efficiency of Cyanoacrylate (Super/Instant Glue) with the strength and durability of Epoxy?

Without the headaches of:  

  • Limited shelf life

  • Clogged nozzles

  • Mixing equal parts

  • Long curing time

  • Sticky fingers

  • Not being able to repair engineering plastic materials such as Teflon, Delrin, ABS, Polys, etc. 

and on and know the story

The Cypox Bonding System guarantees to free you from these headaches, and strives to help you achieve the results needed for your application.  

(If you are a current CoolChem® customer and are looking for refills, we can assure you that all of our products are compatible with the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System and are guaranteed to provide the same results.)

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Your Fabulous Product and Unparalleled Customer Service!

Dear Gowest2 International,

    I have to tell you that in my 20 years in business I have NEVER met someone so customer oriented as you. Your product is fantastic and it is obvious that you know how to take care of your customers!! Thanks ever so much and if anyone wants a testimonial tell them to email me it would be my pleasure.  Truly, if all business owners treated their customers the way you do, then all businesses would be profitable beyond their wildest dreams. 

Warmly Marcie C. - Winter Park, FL

Model Railroad Enthusiast


The Cypox Bonding System has been a great help in building my Pennsylvania Railroad HO train layout. I recently built a large trussel bridge using stained balsa wood with the Cypox Bonding System.

    I could glue the stained wood together working as fast as I wanted because of the instant bonding and curing process which lets no glue marks or light spots on the stained wood. The structure is solid and very strong. I will keep using the Cypox Bonding System for many more projects. My family members are constantly bringing me resin and plastic collectibles plus pieces of jewelry to be repaired.

Extremely Satisfied Customer,

Robert B. - York, PA

Lot Cheaper Than Paying A Tow Truck!


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your Cypox product definitely helped get us home.

    The hole in the lower radiator hose came from the fan belt rubbing on it. The hose was split and we were losing our antifreeze. We put some Cypox on the hose where the split was, wrapped some tape on it and put a hose clamp on to keep the fan belt from wearing a bigger hole in the hose. We got home safely and never lost another drop of fluid.

The $40 investment was a lot cheaper than paying a tow truck!

Your product does work. We can't wait to find more things at home to use this on!


Butch and Cindy R. - Findlay, Ohio

"I can't find a thing that it can't repair!"

I was visiting the Greenberg train show on August 9, 2003 and I was very happy to see you there. I had bought a Cypox System from your company previously at the same show and found myself very dependent on the power of repair that this Cypox can do. I can’t find a thing that it can’t repair. I have reordered it by phone to your Ohio office and when I saw you at the show it reminded me to get another bottle as I was running low. I have used many products like yours such as Crazy Glue but NONE of them can do what your cement does. You have solved many problems I have had with repairs on metal and porcelain. I am a model railroad enthusiast and have repaired several brass locomotives where getting to a soldering joint was impossible with a soldering gun or iron. Thanks for your product.

Arnold H. - Parasmus, NJ

The Answers You Need


What is Cypox compatible with?

Cypox is compatible with all materials, except low-grade recycled plastics and delicate foams.  The compatible materials include metals, cast, white and pot metal, wood, particle board, paper, chipboard, cork, carton, masonry products, marble, ceramics, bisque, porcelain, glass, rubber, vinyl, PVC, ABS, polyolefin’s, butyrate’s, styrene’s, laminates, lexan, linoleum, acrylics, polycarbonates, fiberglass, Kevlar, composites, synthetic leather, leather, and textiles. Materials can be bonded to themselves or each other.  Cypox Bonder can also be mixed with particulates (sawdust, baking soda, etc.) to form a paste.

What is the shelf life/best storage for Cypox?

The Cypox Bonder is the only component with a shelf life, which is 1-2 years.  If not used frequently, store it in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place.

What are the temperature thresholds?

@-30 F to @260 F.

A Bit About Us

Our Story

Gowest2 International, LLC is the developer of The Cypox Bonding System, with the experience of talking one on one with thousands of people the past 15 years at numerous hobby, farm, woodworking, auto shows and working directly with the CoolChem® Cyanopoxy® System.  The Cypox Bonding System was developed in 2002 by taking all of the compliments and criticisms into consideration to bring a product that is designed for the Technological Age that we live in.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests. We’re happy to help in every way we can.

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